Local 81 Japan christian storms
Local 81 Japan christian storms

"For us to live any other way was nuts" -- Goodfellas


KE$HA/MTV My Crazy Beautiful Life. Behind the scenes footage (travel to venue, rehearsal, fan meet & greet) and live concert. Zepp Tokyo. Prod/Dir: Christian Storms. Cam: Chris Shepherd on C-300.

LIVE EVENTS/EPK Saul Williams and Tokyo Free Verse Poets Live Event and interview for the release of SLAM. Cam/dir/editor.


El Presidente / Turn This Thing Around From locations to casting, Local 81 fulfilled the roles of line producer/prod mgr, location manger, coordinator, camera assist, loader, gaffer, lightening asst, casting, art, wardrobe, transport, catering for the London based DrawPictures group of director, cameraman and producer.

DVD BTS Location Coordination/Camera Staff Paul McCartney, Driving Japan Tour concert footage, behind the scenes, fan interviews, Tokyo/ Osaka(Mark Haefli Productions).

FEATURE FILM The Animatrix Making DVD (Eric Matthies Productions) Scroll to Screen: The History and Culture of Anime.

FEATURE FILM Ninja Assassin Making DVD (Eric Matthies Productions)

Friends, Please forgive such belated thanks for all your hard work and hospitality. The record company was delighted with the results of our efforts and there are those who can not quite believe we accomplished so much in so little a time ("And that includes a national holiday" I like to quip). Most obviously, the array of locations we shot in and the cohesive narrative. I hope there will be other times, as I loved Tokyo and the Japanese were hospitable and gorgeous, often at the same time. Thanks again fellas. It was a week to remember. Yours, Rupert Jones (director of El Presidente / Turn This Thing Around)


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