Local 81 Japan christian storms
Local 81 Japan christian storms


Saporro Beer - Canada/North America. Creative Agency The&Partnership. local producer, casting, gaffer, sound recordist, location assistant, drivers. Director Goh Iromoto. Producer Angela Carroll. Produced a commerial along with several 4 minute doco style artist profiles.

 Very excited to share with you the client approved fine cut of “Johnny” - our first mini doc. It is - in a word - extraordinary. It goes without saying, that without you, this would never have been possible. Every time I watch this video I am reminded of that - and of you. And that makes me genuinely happy. -- Angela Carroll, The&Partnership


Johnny combines his love for rock ‘n’ roll with elements of the Samurai spirit to create a sound unlike any other.

Uncover what drives Johnny to perform around the world.

Okitsu applies traditional Japanese principles of craftsmanship to the Western art of shaping surfboards.

Watch how each board is custom-designed for the rigours of the Japanese surf.

A Japanese indigo dyer uses 700-year-old techniques to create handcrafted denim that lasts a lifetime.

Discover the secrets of making jeans dyed with sukumo.

Born in Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Mr.Yokoi is passionate about taking a beer from his hometown and sharing it with the West.

See how he brings people together through a shared love of beer.


NIKE - Where's the Next Ronaldinho (Traktor/W+K) After 50 soccer fields and 150 actor auditions, in the true Traktor style, we cast a real-life high school coach plus 20 of his students and the lead boy shooting at an actual high school with two 16mm cameras plus two steadicams, art, lightening, hair/make-up, sound, transport, catering, on the subway with 50 extras and finally a noodle shop. DOP: Emmanuel Lubezki, eight Academy Award nominations for Best Cinematography. He won in this category three times, becoming the first person to do so in three consecutive years, for Gravity (2013), Birdman (2014), and The Revenant (2015).



Canon HD XL H1 Local 81, All Local: line producer, production manager, location coordinator, prod coord, camera assist, AD, casting, action director, grips (panther dolly and jimmy jib) lightening/genes, art, wardrobe, hair/make-up, transport, catering for the London based creative house COAST group of director (Martin Brierley), cameraman and producer. This one minute commercial was shot in a bamboo forest using an action star. See gallery below. We did have a typhoon and had to hold crew over for one day but we shot day 1/2 in one day.

UD TRUCKS (local producer) (Alex Blinder pro, Erik Eger dir, Paul Blomgren DoVan dop

J POWER CM (location coordinator) (McCann Erickson Japan/MK12)



Apple Computer Location Coord/Camera Asst/Lightening/Transport/Simul Translation Apple Pro Artist Profiles day-in-the-life doco with artists, their work, their software, their Macs. Takagi Masakatsu:Sound of Light visual artist and musician W+K Tokyo Lab:Hybrid Hi-fi

CAPCOM's Dragon's Dogma, an inside, behind the scenes look at their creation! Meet some of Capcom's most elite team members and hear about their vision.

UBS Warburg Global recruitment campaign film/CD-Rom shoot 16mm Location Coordinator/Dolly Grip/AD/Camera Assist Creative Direction: McQueen London Production/Direction: Salt Pictures (London) A day in the life documentary approach of a recent hire with work and play visuals and interviews. 

Sony PlayStation Gran Turismo 4 DVD Location Coordinator/Transport/Camera Assist 30min programme for Sony to explain the importance of learning core driving skills. Race track footage of the programmers trying to past the tests they designed along with interviews.

Peugeot (Euro Rscg), Royal Bank of Scotland (Funky Duck Media), Air Liquide, Eli Lilly (Creative Street Media)


I feel like we got the best production help in Tokyo but more importantly, met a very fine new friend and I know the guys do as well. And let me tell you, I've been with Dustin on and off for 13 years and he does NOT give a compliment lightly. And Scotty, he's a great, great guy and I loved that you two seemed to have a lot in common. No where we have been has been as seemless as Japan and we all know we have you to thank for that! Amsterdam was COOL and really, all of Holland has been lovely but Japan remains a great memory. Be well, Clare Libbing - producer, Creative Street Media Group (www.creativestreet.com)


Canon CM shot in Japan. Produced by Local 81. LP, PM, PC, location coordinators, camera assistants, ADs, grips (panther dolly and jimmy jib) lightening, casting, art, wardrobe, hair/make-up, transport, catering for the London based creative house COAST group of director, cameraman and producer. This one minute commercial was shot in a bamboo forest using an action star
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