Local 81 Japan christian storms
Local 81 Japan christian storms

Test your local "vision" in the Japanese eye chart and then let us help.  

Shooting in Japan?

Local 81 is your Tokyo based film/tv production oasis. Our mantra: integrity in our beyond-the-call-of-duty work. 

Christian Storms, Local 81 owner, has produced over 80 hours of award winning docos, TV shows, music videos and commercials with his A-list production crew.

From tiny to major projects, he's managed prod budgets up to 300K for commercials, TV (Top Gear BBC, The Amazing Race Asia, America's Next Top Model) and fashion photography shoots. 

Christian has produced in ten Asian countries, South Africa and Brazil and was a director/producer for Fox Sports Japan. 

Being fully bilingual and bicultural, helps me help you. I have subtitled over 70 Japanese films, interpreted for many creative talent and have interviewed over 400 people. As an on-set interpreter and dialogue coach working on feature films for Miike Takashi and the movie THOR in LA, I have much to offer. Not a problem I cannot solve; that is my job.

When your work speaks for itself, don't interupt.

Contact me at christian@local81.jp 

Japan Times article 

Clients include:

TV Networks: BBC1, BBC2, Channel 4, BBC Scotland, Discovery Channel, Channel V Australia, MTV, NBC, The Travel Channel, VICE, History Channel, Spike TV, ESPN, HBO, AXN, Pivot TV, Nat Geo, PBS, Channel 7 Sydney, Seven Network, Nick News, Quantas Inflight, October Films.

Sports Content: FIFA, UEFA, IMG Sports, HBO, Golfing World, Badminton World, Total Sports Asia, Sportsbrand TV, Fox Sports,

Movie Studios: Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, Cinelicious Pics, Nikkatsu, Warner Brothers Japan, Toei, Toho, Sedic International,

Corporate Clients: Nike, Apple, Google, Capcom, USB, Sony Playstation, Peugeot, Eli Lilly, UD Trucks, Canon, Dentsu, Dentsu Tec

Production Services = WYW

  • local producing, fixing, production coordination, scouting, permits, local crew/gear, casting, travel, transport & customs/carnet
  • meticulous pre-production 
  • loc scouting, nego. FTP uploads. 
  • casting name/non-name local talent. 
  • A list crew (all departments) 
  • Inspire 1 Drone. 4K video @ 30 FPS with Adobe DNG RAW. Various lenses. Live HD view. Gimbal, two controls for piloting/filming. GPS. Contact: drone@local81.jp
  • camera gear (all camera systems)
  • aerial photography/drone shoots 
  • light and grip gear rental (techno cranes to Panther dollies) 
  • stunts/action filming, horses and stunt cars. Local 81 works with the stunt men from Miike Takashi films.
  • transport: car/mini-van/location buses and drivers. High end insurance package/car navigation system.
  • Picture vechicles
  • full prod insurance (crew/kit/location) 
  • airport pick up/return
  • hotel discounts/broadband wifi 
  • security for high profile celebrities
  • walkie/cell phone rental
  • meal planning/catering 
  • full financial/transparent accounting
  • W - whatever you want


Co-Producer. 7 million USD US Feature film. DARC

BBC / James May's Cars of the People. Local producer.

UD Trucks Corporate Film.

AXA Research Film. Live volcano shoot.

Channel V Australia / B430 Travel show. Local producer / climbing guide.

Web movie for Google / Marukome. 

HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Foul Balls

BBC Radio 1 IPlayer - Babymetal

Eli Lilly Corporate Movie.


Clients = Family

Clients keep coming back for our co-producing skills that achieve their goals. They become family and refer their friends. 

Christian, Toby and Vanessa are back in New York, and have nothing but raves for the shoot and for the excellent job you and your team did. Thanks for going the extra mile for us. The footage is fresh, extraordinary, and beautiful. I'm really pleased that we had the opportunity to work with you. -- Robert / Locker 100 (Executive Producer for MARKED for the History Channel)

I wanted so to say a huge thank you on behalf of us all here in the UK!! We all have really enjoyed working with you, and do hope that we can work again on more projects in the future. I'd be really grateful if you could also pass on our thanks to all your team over in Japan who have worked so hard on the shoot. Many thanks again for all your hard work on the project - hugely appreciated!! -- Susie Cooper Production Manager, Top Gear Entertainment, BBC Vision

Friends, Please forgive such belated thanks for all your hard work and hospitality. The record company was delighted with the results of our efforts and there are those who can not quite believe we accomplished so much in so little a time ("And that includes a national holiday" I like to quip). Most obviously, the array of locations we shot in and the cohesive narrative. I hope there will be other times, as I loved Tokyo and the Japanese were hospitable and gorgeous, often at the same time. Thanks again fellas. It was a week to remember. --Rupert Jones (director of El Presidente / Turn This Thing Around)

I feel like we got the best production help in Tokyo but more importantly, met a very fine new friend and the guys do as well. And let me tell you, I've been with Dustin on and off for 13 years and he does NOT give a compliment lightly. No where we have been has been as seemless as Japan and we all know we have you to thank for that! Amsterdam was COOL and really, all of Holland has been lovely but Japan remains a great memory. -- Clare Libbing - producer, Creative Street Media Group

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